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Monarch Self Adhesive Tapes


Tape division
We manufacture a wide range of products to different specifications to suit our client's requirement. We are the largest manufacturer of different polymer foam base self adhesive and non-adhesive products, in rolls, sheets and die cuts as per drawings and specification.


Foil Aluminium, copper.
Film Polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene.
Foams Polyethylene - Cross-link
Polyethylene - expanded

PVC, EPDM, Nitrile and also different polymer foam, laminated with different substrate.
Felts & Wads Woolen, Polyester-wads.
Double side Cloth, film-polyester, polypropylene, Non-woven fabric, paper, foams.
Cloth Waterproof, Non-waterproof.
Masking tapes Paper, film and cloth.
Duct sealing Cloth tape.
Packing tape BOPP



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